Writing a statement of advice

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Writing a statement of advice

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Finance

Level: University

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The Name of the Class (Course)
Professor (Tutor)
The Name of the School (University)
The City and State where it is located
The Date
Executive Summary
Current Situation
According to the information you have provided, you are married, and you have two children. Both of you are employed on a full-time basis. However, you have not disclosed to us about your will, or if there is any. Your annual income combined sums up to $600,000.Your expenditure, including home loans, mortgage repayment among others adds up to $ 1,283,000.Your assets, which include home, home content, motor vehicles among others add up to $ 2,925,000.
Name Raj Naji Sally Naji
Age 47 45
Marital Status Married Married
Employment status Full time Full time
Employer Accounting firm IT company
Occupation Partner Marketing manager
Health Good Good
Current will No No
Type of power attorney Undisclosed Undisclosed
Dependent Name Age Relation Financial Dependant
Leila 9 Children Yes
Alexander 6 children Yes
Income and expenditure
Income Raj Sally Income per annum
Salary & Wages $380,000 $220,000 $600,000
Total income $600,000
Expenditure Raj & Sally Amount per annum
Mortgage Repayment $96,000
Term deposit @ 3.54% $62,000
Car loan @8.5% $40,000
Home loan @ 5.25% variable $900,000
Living Expense# $120,000
Children private school fees $50,000
Credit card(balance outstanding) $15,000
Total $1,283,000
Asset Raj $ Sally Valu…

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