Supplier Relationship Management

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Supplier Relationship Management

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Supplier Relationship Management
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Supplier Relationship Management
In the supplier chain relationship, stakeholders share the strategic and operational information. The two types of supply chain relationship are enterprise extension and strategic information. Supply chain relationship may last for a certain period within which an enterprise collaborates with the suppliers to meet the objective of the relationship (Ahmed, 2012). Enterprise extension is a type of supply chain relationship that is across the border of a single organization. The relationship can enhance knowledge sharing and information alliance through total planning and information share. The key to the success of any supply chain relationship is the collaboration in competitive strategy and product design. On the other hand, the selection of the relationship depends on the reliance of the degree of knowledge and the information sharing between the involved parties in the supply chain.
Supplier relationship management provides various benefits to an organization. Supplier relationship management culminates in a robust organization framework. Supplier relationship leads to reduced costs involved in setting up deals. A firm strives for costs elimination over time, and a good working relationship with the suppliers leads to reduced problems such as delays and quality issues (Imanipour, Rahimi, & Akhndi, 2012). Another benefit is increased efficiency due to enhanced com…

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