Supplier diversity

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Supplier diversity

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Cornell Notes
Lecture, reading/chapter/novel/article during class, power point, movies (if need to collect info.)
Topic: Payment Schemes for a two-level consignment stock supply chain system

Essential Question: In what ways are employers promoting diversity?

Questions/Main Ideas: Name: ____________
Date: ___
Expanding diversity to supply chains Diversifying into the firms that provide them with the raw materials and products and services over work place diversity
Insisting on the importance of supply chain diversity Seeking goods from diverse suppliers enhances innovation and places the firm ahead of competition.
Promoting Work place diversity Work place diversity entails getting individuals of diverse backgrounds to bring in new talents and skills.
Checking for their supply chain diversity success The diversity in their supply chain can be checked through the geographic diversity which entails checking the suppliers of diverse geographic locations.
Employing a dedicated supplier diversity officer To ensure diversity, firms employ a dedicated diversity officer who also demonstrates the commitment that the firms have pertaining the supplier diversity and accountability for the performance targets.
The diversity article, “Employers Seeking to Expand Diversity Efforts Looking at Supply Chains” is about how employers are seeking to expand diversity from just the normal workplace diversity to the diversity in the supply chain. Diversity …

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