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Smartphone Power Bank
The modern developments in the levels of technology have contributed to the invention of the smartphones, which have found a wide application across the globe. People are using these phones, and once they are depleted of their charge, a power bank helps in keeping the phone in the operation mode and charges it. My question is if the power bank can be designed to store a lot of charges and even be used to charge the smartphones, why should these electrical devices be designed such that they can incorporate all the features and function efficiently as expected? On the streets, while talking via the phone and the charge dies, one just plugs the power bank and the business continues as usual without any interruption.
Power banks are designed such that they have the potential of storing different power capacities. Thus, there are those that are better as compared to others based on the storage capacity of charge, size, safety, and portability.
I have a great love for the digital electronics and I would like to interact with people that are involved in the design and manufacture of the communication devices. My interest is to understand how the inbuilt battery of the smartphone is manufactured and what makes it not to store the charge as the power bank. Thus, I aim at interacting with big phone manufacturing companies that include Samsung, Nokia, and Apple among others.
My relationship with the power bank has assisted me to exc…

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