What is News Frame?

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What is News Frame?

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News Frame
News frame entails the selection of aspects in a reality and applies them in the communication so that the news can indicate a certain problem, cause, interpretation, evaluation, and recommendation. Journalists are involved in new framing through the use of texts that are used repeatedly and thus become salient (Entman 52). The journalists’ application of the frame makes the people remember a particular problem demonstrated in the news. Additionally, the ideas given in the frame make the people evaluate the issue and determine how they will act. “The frame determines whether most people notice and how they understand and remember a problem, as well as how they evaluate and choose to act upon it (Entman 54). Therefore, the inclusion of an idea in the frame may affect the understanding and response of the people. On the other hand, omissions by the journalist may also determine the interpretation and evaluation of the issue.
The use of news frame by the journalists may influence the way we may view the world or situations that are being reported. Since the media is the main source of information, the setting of the information passed to the members of the public determines how they may take. If the frame gives information in a negative way, then the recipients with have a negative attitude too. On the other hand, if the idea is positive, then the readers will have a positive attitude towards the issue. However, some journalists …

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