Social work and the impact on human welfare

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Social work and the impact on human welfare

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Social work and human services

Sheppard, M. (2009), human services and social work are highly related although they serve the need of people in different ways. Both disciplines have a goal of ensuring social welfare to the community. Human services profession focuses on the bigger picture by helping plan programs to serve social needs of a particular population; they work in administrative roles to ensure that things run smoothly in their field of social services agency. They provide supervision and direction to the respective individuals who work with them. Social workers oftenly work in administrative roles but unlike health services professionals who can work hand in hand with the clients to carry out social programs, connecting the social assistants with the necessary services required to undertake tasks in social work to serve vulnerable populations.
Sheppard puts it that a social worker aims at ensuring social justice, the well-being of the marginalized and oppressed individuals. He utilizes different problem-solving approaches to bring peace among community members. The problem-solving process entails problem definition, problem analysis, establishment of goals, generating possible solutions, analyzing the solution and finally implementation.

While problem-solving a social worker should embrace strengths and solution focused practice. He should ensure that a solution is reached at the end of the session. He may do so through ar…

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