Group Research Designs

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Group Research Designs

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Group Research Designs
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Group Research Designs
Despite being willing and determined in the pursuit to adopt children, many homosexual adults and families have been locked out of the adoption process. Historically, legislation, legislative guidelines, and societal humiliation have made it challenging for the LGBT community to become parents through adoption. Their situation differs distinctly from their heterosexual counterparts and families who seek to foster children with special needs statuses.
The researchers utilized a cross-sectional research strategy, which entails observation and analysis of information from a representative subset. In this study, the researchers compared three groups based on a single variable. Precisely, they compared family operation in LGBT, heterosexual, and households that foster children with special needs.
The researchers acknowledge the existence of limitations related to the effectiveness of expediency selection techniques and cross-sectional surveys. While these studies allow researchers access to large study samples, they compromise accuracy due to restrictions to both external and internal rationality. Another significant limitation of this study relates to the utilization of self-report surveys as they may result in flawed assertions by researchers (Leung, Erich, & Kanenberg, 2005).
The researchers utilized self-reported questionnaires, which are highly prone to inaccurate decl…

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