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Yes, the lady dressed like a salesperson on the appointment day. This is because the lady was wearing a suit which was well ironed. The suit was pretty good and corresponded to the marketing activities. The lady did not have florescent color meaning she was set for a business appointment.
The lady introduced herself in an effective way. She started by greetings followed by saying her names. This was to help the salesman recognize the presence of this lady. The lady was very precise and direct to the point. The lady specified the reason of meeting salesman in the first place before the actual conversation on business started. There are excellent communication skills through potential questioning on client’s view for quality control issues of water.
In situation question, the lady performed well when she was trying to understand the initial situation of the salesman. The lady needs to change the method she used to question spending and strategies developed to ensure water hygiene. Instead, the lady should have complimented the salesman to increase interactions (Weger, 36).

Problem questions is another approach used by the lady to express individual position adequately in the market system. The lady did not have skills of questioning consumer’s needs and challenges. As such, the lady was required to adjust problem questions to understand the market system. The …

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