Brain Plasticity.#3(j.R)

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Brain Plasticity.#3(j.R)

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Brain Plasticity
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Response Paper to Brain Plasticity
The article provided gives different insights about brain plasticity, which is one of the most crucial aspects of biological psychology. In a broader perspective, and as defined by the author of the article, brain plasticity is defined as the ability of the brain to change, due to experience gained over time. Initially, several scholars had argued that such experience gets achieved through learning, and it occurs in the brain (Cotman & Berchtold, 2002).
Also known as neuroplasticity or cortical remapping, plasticity occurs in two categories. The first one, functional plasticity refers to the brain’s capability of changing functions from one are, damaged, to another one, which is undamaged (Kolb, 2013). The second one, structural plasticity is the capability of the brain to modify its physical structure as a result of experience.
In regards to the same, the author implies that brain plasticity has several significant aspects to an individual’s brain. For instance, it is essential for the creation of new neural connections in the brain (McEwen, 2011). Therefore, new passages or links can be created even after injury or stroke. This is to indicate that the damage caused by either the stroke or damage gets compensated by the formation of a new connection between the already established neurons. The role of neural connections in the brain cannot be underestimated; this enables the indiv…

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