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Revised Alert Band Clips

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Revised Alert Band Clips
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Revised Alert Band Clips
According to an observation in the article, patient identification represents an area of high priority among the practitioners in the management and care processes because of the catastrophic nature of errors and non-compliance. The study, therefore, set out to evaluate the wristband identification protocol as applicable among the women admitted within the obstetric clinic in addition to the newborns within the delivery rooms at a university hospital in Sao Paulo.
The methodology in the study included a sample population of 800 identified from the process of probabilistic sampling (Tase & Tronchin, 2015). The process of data collection constituted filling out forms while the data analysis process utilised the chi-square techniques to compare the different outcomes. The findings in the study indicated that the compliance rate for the use of patient identification bands varied. For instance, the results of the study presented a worrisome indication that the indexes in the study were considerably lower than the overages in similar studies. The low rates of compliance created an avenue for injuries that would contribute to prolonged hospitalisation in addition to presenting a mother with a wrong infant. Worst cases could result in the death of the infant (Tase & Tronchin, 2015).
The situation was particularly wanting in the newborn identification within the delivery room, which was …

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