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Nike, Inc

Nike Company is a cooperation founded by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman in the year 1962. Ali Mahdi et al. (2015) indicates that the goal of the company is to produce and distribute Japanese athletic shoes and sell them to the American consumers with an aim of getting rid of the Germany denomination available within the domestic industry. However, currently, the company has widened its product line as it not only focuses on the sale of the Japanese shoes to the American market but it has expanded its operability to global markets (“NIKE, Inc. SWOT Analysis.” 2015). Furthermore, it is also prevalent that the approximately 40% of the company’s sales originates from the company’s sports apparel, subsidiary ventures and sports equipment.
Levin and Behrens (2003) states that the company utilizes both traditional and non-traditional channels of distribution to its global market composed of over 100 countries with its main target market being, Asia Pacific, Europe, United States, and the Americas. Furthermore, the company utilizes more than 20,000 retailers, store, factory stores and internet-based platforms for the sale of its commodities to the potential customers across the globe. Prevalently, Nike is considered as the major player in the sportswear industry with a global market share of approximately 33%. Majorly, the company’s success is accrued to its footwear lines, aggressive marketing and innovative products. As a re…

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