Analyzing Philosophy found in a Movie

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Analyzing Philosophy found in a Movie

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Analyzing Philosophy found in a Movie
Films often embrace a more teleological tactic to ethics that are often grounded in concern associated with the outcome or consequences of actions. The approach differs with the deontological technique. Most movies apply such aspects of ethical reasoning such as “Truman Show.” The Truman Show narrates the story of someone called Truman Burbank who is not aware of himself as being part of a certainty television show since he was born (Lyden 497). Truman lifeline exhibited on television on a daily basis has offered a lot of pleasure to a broad audience across the globe that seemed to watch his movements. The movie director, Christof, intervenes actively to stop Truman from evasion from Seahaven which was characterized as an all-too-perfect world.
Kant’s categorical imperative is applicable in Truman Show especially on Truman Burbank being unaware that his whole life portrays a 24-7 reality television show. It is evident that the Kant’s categorical imperative comprises the philosophy that the things that are right for an individual ought to be right for the others as well (Paton 16). In essence, Truman believes that he leads an ordinary life. However, the cameras appear to record all his movements. As a result, Truman creates a desire to traverse the universe and leave Seahaven. Some of the philosophical values evident in this case are competence, knowledge, h…

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