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The Karate Kid, 2010
The 2010 movie is based loosely on the 1984 film by the same name. The Karate Kid, 2010 is a coming to age movie that is a mix between a drama and a comedy (Zwart n.p.). In recent times such movies are being termed “dramedies.” The film stars Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. Jaden’s character Dre Parker is a twelve-year-old who has to come to terms with living in a new reality after he moves to Beijing, China with his widowed mother Sherry Parker’s work obligations forces the shift. The move from Detroit to China shows a transition in the lives of Sherry and Dre Parker where they have to adapt to the new environment and hope for a good future
The movie’s primary theme is self-discovery and redemption. The protagonist Dre Parker finds himself lost, trying to fit in but bullied. He becomes friend with a classmate, a girl named Mei Ying. Dre becomes a target of bullying from the notorious boy bully Cheng, who knows a lot of karate compared to the protagonist. In self-discovery, he befriends the school janitor Mr. Han (played by Jackie Chan) who is secretly a Kung Fu master. Mr. Han teaches the audience a lot about humility and maintaining a low-key profile in life. Nobody in the school knows that Mr. Han is a Kung Fu master.
An upcoming tournament sets the perfect stage for Mr. Han to shape Dre Parker’s martial arts skills. Initially, Dre wants to learn Kung Fu to defend himself and get revenge on Cheng for …

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