does ImmigrationContributeTo ABetter America

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does ImmigrationContributeTo ABetter America

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Does Immigration Contribute To A Better America?
The issue identified for this assignment is, “does immigration contribute to a better America?” both the book and the article chosen for this article concluded that immigration contributes to a better America. The text affirms that America needs these immigrants emphasizing that immigrants should be allowed to flow in the global system because they provide to the areas of need with their talents and labor. Similarly, the article cites that the united states president should think about the harm that might come to America if he restricts immigration by limiting their visas (Porter 1). The author affirms that restricting immigrant’s entry into the US might affect the president’s theme of making America great again. Additionally, doing so will affect the United States’ economy and diminish the world at large.
Similarly, the book asserts that in essence, America is a nation of immigrants because practically all the citizens are immigrants or descendants of immigrants. Therefore, immigration is a critical matter in the American context. These immigrants have made tremendous, not to mention significant contributions to create and develop America as a nation. For instance, the first group of European immigrants converted the countries they had pioneered into practical contemporary political and economic institutions, that were eventually revolutionized into an independen…

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