financial investment and management

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financial investment and management

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Financial Investment and Management
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Financial Investment and Management
In a personal reflection I consider investment as a the issue of money management, debts and loans are consistent matters that shape our decision in the present life and the future as well as our survival in the society as a whole. Even though it is claimed being knowledge about money management and finance is entirely not a guarantee to determine one’s success, being financially literate has proven beneficial in shaping one’s perception on how they spend and relate to money issues in their life (Allum, 2013). Exposing students to financial management education is a first step towards empowering them to start making personal financial decisions that not only benefit them but the society around them as well. Therefore, I personally considered investment and financial management help to PAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEPAGEXXXunderstand and connect to the abstract of the real world such as und…

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