Differentiated Instruction

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Differentiated Instruction

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Productive Struggle for All: Differentiated Instruction
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Productive Struggle for All: Differentiated Instruction
It is a fact that in a classroom not all students are similar. They have their differences which vary from one individual to another. They differ on the basis of gender, social background, language among others. Therefore, it is the task of the teacher to come up with a way of handling all of them at a go. Their levels of understanding are different hence they need to be taught using different methods depending on each student’s level and ability. Ms. Young is faced with this task and has seen that using the above formula is not working on all students. It was then that she discovers that her students have different ways of grasping mathematical concepts and therefore she has to accept them and find a way of accommodating all of them (Lynch, Hunt & Lewis, 2018).
There are two significant ways that the teachers in collaboration to ensure that they are able to reach to all the students. The first is by use of the differentiated instructions and secondly, is by using the productive struggle. The differentiated instruction is what most teachers are familiar with. They can be useful in their teaching by considering the unique characteristics of each student, therefore, being able to reach to each individual student. They can do this by modification of the following; one is what content the student is lear…

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