Curriculum Models/Curriculum Orientations

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Curriculum Models/Curriculum Orientations

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Curriculum Models/Curriculum Orientations
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Curriculum Models/Curriculum Orientations
In his article on the questions of curriculum, Dillon uses a precise method to assess what a curriculum ought to contain. He argues that there are three broad categories of any curriculum namely the nature, elements, and practice of the said curriculum. His approach seems somewhat necessary and easy to understand paying attention to those involved in the curriculum itself. He, later on, discusses various theorists and their attempts at describing what a syllabus is stating that the questions are paramount when it comes to an understanding and constructing any practical curriculum (Dillon, 2009).
Infed’s article on what a curriculum is both theoretically and practically draws the conclusions that it composes of any amount of information that ought to be communicated through a process where teachers engage students with clear objectives. However, a belief in the transmission of knowledge without a formal curriculum seems to suffice to claim that education does not necessarily mean schooling (Smith, 1996, 2000).
Johan Muller’s article titled, ‘Forms of Knowledge and Curriculum Coherence’ explores various issues concerning higher education curriculums using a socio-epistemic approach. He attempts to describe the origin and faults of higher education’s disciplines. Various curriculums such as the old and contemporary analyses are mad…

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