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College Studies

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College Studies
This piece of work, it mainly focuses on different mode of study adopted by university students to ensure their lives are not ruined by the books. The author of this article says that new students reporting in the college have the mentality that, in the college life is all about attending to parties (Silver). This was portrayed in the analysis that was carried out in this piece of writing which shows that 11 out of 14 students were not well prepared for life in college. For example, Alana Gardner, a student at Indiana University admits that in high school he used to revise for about 30 minutes towards exam time whereas, in college, he revises for more than two hours for an exam. This is a clear picture that freshmen students in college they have to look for different methods of reading and understanding their notes otherwise they will flunk out.
From the article, I have decided to use paragraph number ten under the sub-topic, ‘Quantity can lead to quality’. The reason for choosing this paragraph is that it motivates the students who have poor performance in different subjects, e.g. in mathematics or science. For example, according to the text, ‘Josh Gardner, from the University of Maryland was scoring C’s, and D’s in mathematics which affected his final grade’ (Silver). As a result, Josh Gardner decided to study hard by practicing different questions over every chapter. This boosted his final gra…

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