Strategy to budget and manage power cost

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Strategy to budget and manage power cost

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Strategy to Budget and Manage Power Cost
In a residential area, there are many ways through which people use electricity. Electricity can be used for lighting, heating, charging entertainment appliances and communication devices such as phones, kitchen equipment, and laundry, air conditioning etc. improper maintenance of electricity leads to high electricity usage which in turn increases electricity bills. It is important to control electricity usage by reducing power wastage and consumption in order to reduce the cost of electricity. The Independent Electricity System Operator helps manage energy usage by conserving energy and designing efficient ways of electricity consumption, managing power usage and planning to the energy needs for future generations in terms of minimizing usage of fossil fuel.
Energy management and saving can be done by either of the following ways. First, air conditioning during hot weather forks more to helps regulate the temperature of our homes. This means that air conditioning consumes a lot of electricity. People need to keep thermostats, television sets and other appliances that produce heat away from air conditioners since they make air conditioners to work more thus consuming more energy (IESO). It is also important to properly ventilate homes to reduce the workload of air conditioners.
Residents should learn to constantly upgrade their electronic equipment to reduce power consumption. This is because …

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