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History Thesis Proposal

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Pontiac describes the relationship between Native Americans and British as complex and often violent because the British soldiers were corrupt, hostile and always prepared for war by encouraging the purchase of weapons. They lived in great enmity while each group was pursuing their interests whereby Native Americans wanted to chase British out of their lands while British persisted in settling. A speech was given by Pontiacs aimed at accomplishing and delivering the message of Master of life. He focused on informing people that the only way to enter heaven was through casting away the corrupt influence of Europeans through expelling European from Indian country. He wanted to assure them that the land belonged to Native Americans and not right to permit Indians to settle. According to Pontiac, the presence of non-native had affected the life of Native Americans because Master of life became annoyed when Native Americans interacted and allowed British colonies to settle in their land. As a result Master of life calked back the animals deep in the forests that provided them with meat for food and skin for making clothes. The situation subjected them to suffering and rely on Britons.
Accusations made by Callender to Jefferson are ignored because by historians because they had some errors. The facts presented had no truth in them since they gave contradicting information. After performing the DNA test, the reality foun…

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