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In the United States, there are differing opinions regarding the state of the feminist movement. Some critics believe that modern feminists have become increasingly radical, and that societal changes have reduced the need for an active feminist movement. Feminists and their supporters argue that there are still significant inequalities between the sexes; however, it is also acknowledged that feminist ideals have become more commonly accepted in American culture (Issitt and Simone).
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Feminism has become one of the most discussed topics in the United States, and this has been triggered more by the emergence of feminist movements with distinct ideologies on equality as quoted; “In the United States, there are differing opinions regarding the state of the feminist movement” (Issitt and Simone). Whereas a more significant percentage of the women population believe that these movements have come almost at the right time to solve cases of inequality, critics have pointed out that modern feminism has since deviated from its original purpose.
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However, these activists have proven to be essential in the society today especially with the birth of the scientific revolution. The reason is that women have also joined in the movement and are willing to fight for equality between the two sexes (Issitt and Simone). Even though the presence of the movemen…

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