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The visually normal human beings have a higher chance of differentiating spacing variations in human and monkey faces as compared to those with dense bilateral congenital cataracts.
The authors of this article ‘Deficit in Sensitivity to Spacing after Early Visual Deprivation in Humans’ (2010) conducted this research with the aim of evaluating the results of early visual deficiency among patients suffering from dense bilateral congenital cataracts. From their findings, they realized that patients with that condition have poor abilities differentiating spacing in features. They use two experiments in conducting their research. The first experiment involved distinguishing spacing in monkey and human faces. The second experiment involved the ability to differentiate feature spacing among houses.
In this research, ten participants who were diagnosed with dense bilateral congenital cataracts were shown photographs of human and monkey faces. After that they were asked to differentiate feature spacing between the two and the results were compared to the findings recorded by ordinary people. The results from this experiment proved that visual deprivation destroys the ability to process human faces. From the test, Robbins.R et al. (2010) also realized that the patients had different experiences. For instance, some inaccurately interpreted the monkey face while others inter…

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