Are Aliginate dressings effective

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Are Aliginate dressings effective

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Are Alginate Dressings Effective?
Alginate dressings are effective due to their biodegradable and highly absorptivity properties. Furthermore, during the removal of alginate dressing, when saline irrigation and used in rinsing, the removal of the dressing does not affect the healing process of the granulation tissue. When compared with other dressing methods, alginate dressing is painless during the removal thus are useful for heavily exudating wounds (Bolton 469).
Alginate dressing is effective as compared to cotton gauze, paraffin tulle, dextranomer paste and saline-soaked gauze. The effectiveness of alginate dressing, when used in surgical wounds, is due to the reduced bacteria count when used instead of cotton gauze when managing surgical cavities. Their unique properties have attracted several applications including cleansing secreting lesions (Thomas 118). The high absorption property is as a result of the strong hydrophilic gel. The formation of hydrophilic gel assists in reducing wound secretions and prevent bacterial contamination. In the situation where the alginate fibers become stuck into a wound, they will be readily biodegraded. For a wound to heal, a granulation tissue must be formed, moist, and microenvironment must be maintained. The two conditions get promoted by the alginate dressing (Bolton 474).
There is another aspect that make the alginate effective in reduction of wound smell. Alginate with zinc and calcium are effective h…

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