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Creating a Screencast

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Pain Assessment
This lesson plan and screencast is directed to practicing nurses, clinicians, and practitioners who are involved in the provision of primary care to both the individual patients and patient groups. This presentation seeks to cover pain assessment in healthcare and clinical settings. Pain is a crucial concern in the medical field because it is the most outstanding characteristic of most conditions. By the end of this pain assessment lesson, the students [practitioners and nurses] will be able to; determine patient’s understanding of pain based on the pain scale. The lesson plan will enable the practitioners to identify the patient understanding with particular pain levels and the impact of their treatment modalities. To know the step-to-step process of assessing and evaluating the degree and severity of pain in patients and to determine the most crucial interventions and medical approaches in pain assessment and management (NCBI, 2016). The pain assessment model identified and discussed in this pain assessment is the PQRST approach. This model captures five major aspects of pain management the most outstanding as; provocation, quality of pain, a region of pain, severity, and timing (Crozer, 2017). As seen, these aspects of pain assessment are crucial in ensuring that patients receive the highest quality of pain management. Of special concern for the lesson plan is to discuss the documentation aspect of pain management. Practitioner is required to document …

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