Defining evidence based practice changes

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Defining evidence based practice changes

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Defining evidence-based practice changes
Patient care technologies are an integral part of the provision of quality health care. In health information technology, there are ways in which the data that are generated from the systems can be used to develop research (Hsiao, Hing, Socey & Cai, 2010). An example is a data on the admission trends that are used to create a pattern in the disease like cancer. Also, through the use of the remote monitoring for cardiac arrhythmias, the collected data can be used in the qualitative research as the basis of the first-hand information. These generated data can be a part of the qualitative research. As well, the evidence is used for the new therapies in the real world. The medical research can be in the form of qualitative, with the social back up or quantitative with statistical backups. Medical compliance refers to the ability of the patients to adhere to the Medication that has been recommended by the doctors. However, the patients can stop complying to these recommendations because of their ignorance. The other reason for these lack of compliance is the lack of knowledge by the patients. In this sense, the patients may not be able to read the recommendations and adhere as required. The recorded data can that shows the lack of compliance by the patients can be used for quantitative research (Hsiao et al., 2010). One way is taking the records for the patients who are not complying and using it as the necessary …

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