Communication dynamics

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Communication dynamics

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Communication dynamics
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One of my communication styles is intuitive. This communication style allows me to focus on the result rather than concentrating on every small detail of an activity. I am a director of nursing in a skilled nursing facility. Intuitive communication has allowed me to quickly understand my team, be creative and carry out tasks quickly without wasting a lot of time. My other communication style is personal whereby I like to talk about things while relating them to my feelings. I find myself wanting to talk myself out with my coworkers. This communication style has helped me in my role since people have found it easy to disclose information that would otherwise have been harder if another communication style was used. This communication style has helped me solve problems when they arise and also create a conducive working environment for others since it is easy for me to understand their moods (Bowles, Mackintosh & Torn, 2001).
Intuitive communication style once influenced patient safety and quality. A patient who had been inaccurately diagnosed and treated became very ill, and I was informed about the situation. Immediately I ordered that the patient information is presented to me together with the symptoms that had when he first reported to the hospital. I did not bother with the little details but desired, in summary, to know what had happened to him. The information I receiv…

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