Analyzing an Advertisement

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Analyzing an Advertisement

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Analyzing an Advertisement
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Play-Doh print ad (2018) adapted from The Gallery of Emerging Species: Play-Doh: “Banksy” Print Ad by TwoAM.Agency.
The Banksys Play-Doh Kitchen is a South African gaming product for kids designed to inspire them to become imaginative and innovative in their toy kitchen. It was released in June 2018 (TwoAM.Agency 1). It helps them learn the art of cooking by developing their imaginative skills
The target audience for this product comprises the parents and kids since they are the potential customers for it. Parents can buy for their kids while kids are responsible for its demand.
The means of persuasion is logos since the captions “The art of playing with food” seem to use words that make sense and adequate reasoning. Therefore, the message is understandable that the toy helps the children learn the art of playing with food thus improving their imagination, creativity, and other cooking skills. For this reason, the persuasion used in the ad is implicit since the message is intelligible although it is not stated directly.
Based on the Jib Fowles’ model of needs (Fowles 2), this Banksy’s ad promotes both the need for guidance and need to nurture. The ad seeks to nurture kids’ ability to think i…

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