Amalgamation In Toronto

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Amalgamation In Toronto

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Amalgamation as a Method for Fighting for the Right

Amalgamation as a Method for Fighting for the Right
What part(s) of this reading did you find interesting?
The citizens of Toronto decided to use amalgamation method as one way to solve the injustices that they were facing. This process involved the advocating of right by the citizen themselves and not lawyers who form a board to challenge the court rulings. This is a rare approach since it is a routine that court ruling is always challenged by attorney and not the civilians. This approach of advocating for rights and justice is an interesting one and has attracted arguments from different perspectives, especially those who are for it and against it.
The fight was taken to court since the management of the municipality especially in its institutions which lacked constitutionalism. In this case, the actions by those in authority did not follow any constitutional order (Milroy, 2002). This could be characterized by the kind of legislation they created which only applies to provincial administrations. The increased disobedience of the constitution by the administration of the municipality made the citizen to use the amalgamation method to seek justice.
This case advocated for changes in the administrative structure of the city that aimed to strengthen the economic and fiscal policies that manage Toronto. It also pointed to make Toronto global economic competitors. It further sought to reduce the nu…

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