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Employee Motivation
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Employee Motivation
Why is Zappos so Successful?
Successful companies realize that employees are a significant asset in their operations. Satisfied employees play influential roles in affecting the performance of a company. Poorly remunerated and less motivated employees are likely to show contempt and disregard for their work (Nohria, Groysberg & Lee, 2008). However, when companies realize the contribution of their employees and reward them appropriately, they are likely to improve their performance. Zappos attributes its success to the effective management of the contribution of its employees (Rooney, 2008). The company demonstrates a desire to ensure that its employees fulfill its core demands while at the same time satisfies personal goals of its workers.
Theories and Concepts Applicable To Zappos Company
Several approaches can be applied to Zappos successful performance. The most prominent argument is Maslow’s hierarchy theory of motivation. It is evident that different employees will be encouraged using various mechanisms to realize their potential. Accordingly, paying attention to the lower levels of the pyramid on Maslow’s concept provides an ideal framework upon which employees can develop meaningful relations. Thus, Zappos demonstrates its commitment to not only focus on the abstract concepts of self-actualization (Kanfer, Frese & Johnson, 2017). Instead, the company realizes that the establishme…

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