You Versus the Clock

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You Versus the Clock

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You Versus the Clock
Gretchen Gavett’s article You Versus the Clock argues that time management involves being conscious of what, when and why you do things. From Mary Oliver’s Poem Sometimes, it gives instruction on paying attention, being astonished and telling about it for you to live (Gavett 1). Unlike the poem, You Versus the Clock advice that being conscious is a hard focus to people goes further to give advice that makes it easier.
Gavett first criticizes Randi Zuckerberg, idea that we should do away with the idea of doing it all but instead chose three areas of focus as a way of fulfilling lives. Although you might not be perfect every day, your focus should be either weekly or monthly. Ironically, she argues that we should focus but remember work without sleep is exhausting.
Gavett also looks at Francesco Cirillo in Pomodoro technique. Cirillo, emphasizes having breaks in between work to improve productivity and efficiency something referred to as the Pomodoro technique. According to Gavett (4), experiments at the Gap, that resulted into a more 5% production and increased revenue were noted, and one being conscious with what they do, when and why.
In brief, Gavett’s article argues that time management affects not only individuals but also employers, policymakers, partners should make positive steps, including, giving employees routines.
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