Why We Crave Horror Movies

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Why We Crave Horror Movies

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Why We Crave Horror Movies
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Why We Crave Horror Movies
The author argues that people love horror movies because they those movies help them have an innocuous release valve for those inner demons hiding inside their bodies. King argues that everybody, including those who are not in the asylum, is mentally insane, and points out an example of how people find themselves talking to themselves (King, 1981). Moreover, he argues that horror movies are like roller coasters, which human beings use to have fun. Although King’s article is quite enjoyable to read, I do not believe that horror movies can help humans maintain their sanity (King, 1981). From a personal perspective, widespread looking violence that is contained in the horror movies is likely to desensitize people and make them prone to act violently or ignore other those individuals with violent characters.
While the author argues that watching horror movies may help in controlling “hungry alligators,” I think that the use of violence desensitizes humans (King, 1981). Research indicates that people involved in most recent mass shootings have watched many violent movies that have triggered this part of their character. In this case, watching horror movies is likely to trigger young people to start acting violently just like they saw the actors in the violent film. Although King claims that people would act out of violence if they are exposed to intermittent outlets such as the horro…

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