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Why did I choose nursing?

Why did I choose nursing?
I have always been fascinated with healthcare practice right from my formative years. However, nothing aroused my deep-seated desire to become a nurse like the experience I had when a friend was hospitalized following a grisly automobile accident. I was amazed by the extent of individualized care and compassion offered by the hospital nurses that over time set my friend on a path of recovery, despite his fear. This amazing transformation from a state of despair was gradually replaced with a lifted spirit because of the care and smiles from the supportive nurses. The comfort and personal relationship developed between my friend and the nurses was a gratifying experience that convinced me to pursue a nursing career. I realized that to become the person I always aspired to be, I had to become a nurse and assist others in their times of need. Therefore, becoming a nurse for me is more than a career choice or an occupation, but a calling.
The career path of a nurse, however, entails more than just the emotional aspect of the patient-nurse relationship. I had to immerse myself and hone a repertoire of necessary skills to catapult my career goals. For instance, being attentive to detail on a patient’s condition enables me to synthesize consistently and interpret the assessment information accurately, such as diagnostic data. My effective communication skills help to disclose adverse h…

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