What would be happen if we ran out of oil?

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What would be happen if we ran out of oil?

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What would happen if the earth runs out of oil?
Our dependence on the fossil fuels is undeniable, and its usage does not seem to diminish. In a world where oil supplies dwindle, it is important to take actions, sadly, there are not real incentives on the alternative fuels usage, which increases our dependence on fossil fuels, and makes every other source, less accessible. We have various aims in this essay. We intend to show a brief history of the fossil fuels usage; the main question, or, what would happen if we run out of oil?; and, the conclusion, or the alternatives to the use of oil. We intend to do an unbiased research and avoid any pamphlet-like tones about the usage of alternative fuels. We understand that this is a rather sensitive subject, and we shall tread carefully to avoid any misunderstanding.
Oil is the modern world’s blood, it is the fuel that have ignited progress since the dawn of the 20thcentury. In 2009, the whole world production of oil was around 84 to 85 million barrels, and the countries consumed as much(Lamb 1). The only question we can ask is: How far will we go without exhausting the planet’s reserves? Oil is a non-renewable resource, and it is bound to be drained someday. Of course, this obeys to the natural cycles, and to production demands that follow a curve comprised by Output; rising; stabilizing, and declining in an unspecified period of years. This effect is called …

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