What Makes the Media Credible?

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What Makes the Media Credible?

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What Makes the Media Credible?
What makes the media credible?
People consider different factors when deciding whether the media is credible or incredible. The reasons for the media credibility include the expertise of the source of data where many people might cite that as the main reason as to why they listen or follow a specific type of media (Metzger and Flanagin 8). The other important factor that people consider is the in-depth reporting and reputation of a firm or a media house regarding issues politics and related fields. On the other hand, people consider firms in the lifestyle field as credible or incredible regarding the in-depth reporting and how the source updates its information.
Elements in the news that give confidence that journalism is credible
Journalism as a field has its set principles that professionals follow to ensure that they provide reliable information to the viewers, listeners or readers (Anderson et al. 130). In-depth research and considerations precede the news that various firms present. The above in addition to the fact that media houses are always ready to take responsibility for the accuracy of the information the news they deliver makes journalism reliable. Firms engage in journalism as a form of business, and the viewers act as customers. From that, news act as their commodity which is always refined and verified through various means which makes journalism credible.

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