What is Success?

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What is Success?

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What Is Success
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What Is Success
When I’m 100 years old, and I look back over my life, I would prefer to be waking up daily smiling, because I would have obtained knowledge and understanding of the human mind and the various mental processes particularly in connection to behavior. I will then use the acquired knowledge to help and walk with people suffering from different psychological and behavioral issues solve their problem and enjoy life like any other average person. It would be satisfactory to me because I would be able to understand people around me and know what motivates or influences their actions.
My goal may seem too broad, but I believe it is attainable by being focused. Below are some of the specific goals that would help me achieve my goal in the next few years.
First, I will concentrate on accomplishing my degree course in psychology, which will give me an understanding of the mind and knowledge of how human beings behave. It would help me improve my communication skills, understand myself, and know others better. The knowledge shall also develop my critical thinking ability concerning various life issues and also learn how to appreciate the different stages of human development, which would be useful in understanding different people in my life such as children, the elderly, teenagers, and others (Cherry, 2018).
I shall then further my studies by specializing in a doctorate in counseling psychology. The course will help me g…

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