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Visual Analysis

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Analysis of the Ad
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Analysis of the Ad
There is a need to consider the visual effects that are used to achieve success in disseminating information. The effectiveness of the advertisements is reliant on how attractive the ads are. Therefore, it is necessary for the information to be thorough in the delivering the message to the potential reader. The purpose of the ads is to make sure that people are aware of the product in the market. Therefore, the ads should convey the message in clear graphics that depict the realism of the product.
There is a clear and very captivate ad in page 352 in the book “Writing Now” that aims at conveying the message to grasp the attention of the readers by using visual effects on the ads. The picture that is on the page is apparent in the depiction of the message that is intended to grasp the attention of the reader of the consumer report. The title head is highlighted in the black color that highlights the purpose of the ads (Pechmann, 2016). The picture on the ad is a cover page of the leading magazine in the world. It is represented in clear and precise terms that are highly captivating. The font of the subtitle in the ad is white, and the color of the font size is 32. There is a picture of women using a computer, and from the window, there is a person who is spying on her. The vividness of the image is to depict a situation whereby the information is stolen without our awareness. Below the subtitle, ther…

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