Diving Into The Wreck poem by Adrienne Rich

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Diving Into The Wreck poem by Adrienne Rich

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Diving into the Wreck poem by Adrienne Rich
The poem comprises ten stanzas and is written in the first person although there is no difference between the poet and the speaker typical in such poems. The speaker’s quest is to explore a ship that had sunk with the aim of discovering the disaster and recover any remaining treasure hence “diving” inside the wreck. The most obvious theme is that of descent and returns where the writer shows the return of things that vanished years back. The writer employs various strategies to reinforce this theme for instance repetition of “coming into” the statement reincarnates the theme where there is the discovery of new ideas (Keegan 17). The poem portrays rhyming and a syntax pattern in various lengths as evident in the fifth stanzas. The third stanza employs enjambment where there is a continuation of this line past its end (Rich 13). The stance shows how the speaker is progressing down the lander showing a return to those things that disappeared long ago.
The story runs employing an irregular pattern although it produces an excellent iambic tetrameter. The strategy changes how the poem opening feels letting the leader experience the old story into the modern context. Metaphor features prominently throughout the poem where the diver descends into the deep end of the sea and also psychologically enabling him to learn the power in the underground (Keegan 17). The metaphor is also visible in the…

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