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USConstitution Question

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Megna Carta and the Framers
Megna Carta and the Framers
The social nature of human beings in most times forces them to establish rules and laws that would govern them. This is done to maintain proper social boundaries between the socializing parties. For either selfish reasons or generally done with good motives, rules and laws have been documented to protect the subjects’ freedom and right. During the medieval times, the same was done for the kings; rules were put to restrict the extent to which kings would rule over their people and kingdoms. Megna Carta drafted documents that constituted of the limits of powers that the king was bound to, in bids not to suppress the subject. These documents were the foundation of the Constitution.
On June 15th, 1215, a charter called Magna Carta was drafted and agreed by the then king John. In these years, the king had absolute power over their subject. The king was considered to be above the law of the land and was entitled feudal payment from the barons. Therefore, Magna Carta was drafted by the relationships the King had with the rebels and barons of the times. By then, power was seen to be derived from the king and not from the subjects as the framers of the Constitution believed (Stone, 2011).
The framers of the constitutions believed that the source of the government’s power was its people (Stone, 2011). Hence, the familiar words of Abraham Lincoln that “the government of the people, by the people for th…

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