US and UK healthcare systems

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US and UK healthcare systems

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US and UK Healthcare Systems
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US and UK Healthcare Systems
These systems are prominent in the world and have similarities as well as differences with regards to different aspects. On the one hand, the population health in both systems is lower than those in nations like Sweden and Japan. In particular, the US and UK health systems have higher infant mortality and lower life expectancy rates than the Japanese and Swedish models (Ham, 2005). Patients in both systems primarily depend on private health insurance, unlike other systems, which rely on taxes and labor input. The number of health professionals (nurses and doctors) has also grown in both systems over the years. However, the US system has a higher growth rate in physician and nurse numbers than the UK since it is the most diverse and attractive even for international practitioners (Maier et al., 2016).
On the other hand, these two systems are different since the US spends approximately 15% of its GDP (gross domestic product) on healthcare, while the UK spends around 8% (Ham, 2005; Jorgensen & Kefalas, 2016). This high cost of medical care in the US poses significant challenges for the nation’s residents. For instance, more US residents than UK residents reveal that they have difficulty accessing good health insurance plans. Additionally, the cost of drugs in the US healthcare system is higher than that in the UK mainly due to wholesaler and pharmacy margins. For instance, in …

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