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UCB International Solutions revised

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-285754667250-28575-114300Title: Research design of establishing UCB International Solutions in Hong Kong
Aim: This research aims to identify the key issues and factors facing UCB International Solutions as it establishes its presence in Hong Kong
To examine the level of tourism demand in Hong Kong and their preference of restaurant facilities
To identify cross-cultural issues that will affect UCB International solutions and how such issues will be solved to achieve harmonious relations between all stakeholders
To identify the level of service quality in Hong Kong restaurant industry and anticipate the standards expected for UCB International Solutions
To identify the perception of local and foreign consumers and other stakeholders with regards to western restaurants
To find ways of managing income and utilizing other resources
To examine the available policies and regulation and identify favorable Hong Kong government incentives with regards to foreign companies
To specifically identify local policies and regulations in Hong Kong restaurant industry
Globalization is making the world more connected as people travel and explore business, academic and other interests in different parts of the world. There has been an increase in western countries commercial interests in Asian countries. …

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