Transient Students

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Transient Students

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Transient students
As some of the phases of mobility of educators change, the United States of America continue to record the highest number of transient students. Students’ mobility in the USA is a widespread issue that has involved students moving from a school to another not on the next school promotion basis but for other reasons. Most students have at least made one school change that is non-promotional during their elementary and secondary careers. However, many professionals in the field of education have associated the adversity of mobility of students to various causes though these causes have been changing for the past decades. Earlier in the 1950s, such movements were associated with welfare reforms where parents moved to accept jobs or jobs promotion (MacArthur, & Higgins, 2007). The perception of these changes has since changed where mobility of students is associated with the changed family structure, corporate downsizes and sporadic opportunities for employment. In the student mobility, students are the most affected group as they are directly involved in the changing of schools.
During the mobility of students, students are the most affected because they have to undergo some adjustment especially to new teachers, classes and other students. Due to the massive student mobility, some questions were raised by the educators, parents, students and the policymakers whether it is helpful or harmful to the performance of the s…

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