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Transfusion science Revised

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Aplastic anemia can be described as the bone marrow’s failure to generate new blood cells in the body (Zeidan A. 2017, 8). The condition makes patients experience fatigue, prolonged infections, headache, dizziness, and nosebleeds as well bleeding gums (Gu Y et al. 2015, 3). Aplastic Anaemia can be inherited or acquired through exposure to poisonous chemicals, viral infection, pregnancy or use of some drugs (Killick S. 2016, 190) Aplastic anemia is managed through stem cell transplant, viral treatment, blood transfusions and marrow stimulation (Tandra, P et al. 2016, 22). The paper will critically analyze whether the aplastic anemia patients can live independent of blood transfusions?
Aplastic anemia patients mostly require red blood cell and platelet transfusions. If a patient is tired or has a problem catching a breath, the physician may recommend RBC transfusion. On the other hand, doctors can recommend a platelet transfusion for a patient that tends to bleed and bruise easily. The platelets have a lifespan of 10 days thus they are helpful for a short duration (Killick S. et al. 2016, 187).
Blood transfusion provides new red blood cells and platelets in the aplastic anemia patients. However, physicians can employ the stem cell transplant therapy to enable the patient to l…

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