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Theft resource center has stated that the healthcare industry has accounted for over 42% of most of the data breaches. According to informatics, and having the patients’ privacy is one of the most significant things. To uphold the security of patients’ data, organizations such as hospitals must have the state of art security apparatus and have strict security policies which should be adhered to (Wang et al. 2014). There should be constant, analysis, recording, and reporting of how the security systems perform.
In today’s world there has been the advancement of technology in different fields, some of the organizations have been allowing some of their employees to bring their electronic devices instead of providing that equipment. This new trend which has been emerging is known as carrying your device (BYOD). This idea has some of the importance and disadvantages. Companies which champion this idea, see it positively since they see it as a way of saving money because they will not have provided electronics to employees and having thinking the employees will put more work since employees can have access to this equipment from anywhere (Ghosh et al. 2013). The disadvantage of this idea is that most of the organization have not taken into consideration the cost which comes with the installations of security apparatus, which is one of the requirements of bringing your device. To put more emphasis on this person…

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