Threat detection and response

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Threat detection and response

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Data Breach Response Plan
Data Breach Response Plan
Data breach response plan is a document that consists of procedures to curb or protect illegal access to individual’s personal details by disclosing, editing misusing or destroying.
Below is a data breach response plan created to respond to the breach of private data of university disabled student.
Identification and protection of sensitive data
This will be done by classifying and handling data which require high privacy. Disaster recovery is a suitable scheme to document the data in order to classify it.
Determine the condition of the institutional IT system and establish areas of risk.
This is performed by examining technology domains processes and individuals involved.
Liaising with employees working in the IT office is another potential strategy, they are more likely to be aware of any vulnerability.
Initiating a process to discourage unintentional mistakes
Introducing an elaborate process which ensures no breach occurs in case of any venerability (Salido and Voon, 2010, 35). If the cyber pros harden, the cyber a defined process should be undertaken to verify its configuration.
Plan a fragmented defense mechanism
Security controls are employed at every level of the system (Boynton and Greenhalgh, 2004, 1312). Training the employees to watch on social engineering invasions is highly recommended.
Support the response team
This plan will save time…

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