Therapy for Veterans

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Therapy for Veterans

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Article review for therapy for veterans.
Combat veterans around the world are currently suffering from severe reintegration issues and psychological issues. According to David M. Ferruolo, they are mostly reluctant to join the talk therapy hence ending up in search of other optional treatments. In his article “Psychosocial Equine Program for Veterans,” he highlights the need to have the equine psychosocial program which creates mental health therapy for such veterans. To improve the veterans’ mental health, the article focuses on the pilot program which is designed to enhance equine treatment program. Through the approval of the institutional program review, the EFMH (Equine-facilitated mental health) therapy program helps in addressing the serious veterans’ psychological issues (Ferruolo 52).
The program focuses on both one and two-day retreats with open-ended questions asked after the program. The veterans in the program are developed psychologically regarding their trust, respect, learning about oneself and the spiritual connection. Through the retreats, the participants can introspect allowing them to realize things they didn’t know about themselves. The equine pilot program, therefore, helps the participants to have their social skills elevated due to the increased self-awareness. The result of the program is that they can improve psychologically and have a better spiritual connection with eithe…

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