Locating an Empirical Research Article

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Locating an Empirical Research Article

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Empirical Research Articles
Kane, Michael N. “Factors affecting social work students’ willingness to work with elders with Alzheimer’s disease.” Journal of Social Work Education 35.1 (1999): 71-85.
This article aims at determining the factors that affect the willingness of social work students to work with Alzheimer’s patients. The report uses an in-class survey of MSW and 333 BSW in three Florida Universities. Alzheimer’s disease is a severe problem in older adults (Kane 71). The society fails to understand the seriousness of the illness hence the affected individuals suffer in silence. The article also notes the fact that Alzheimer’s continues to increase and there has not been any breakthrough about its cure. The piece measures the dependent variables (willingness of students to work with older adults who have Alzheimer’s) and 16 independent variables (likely influences).
Consequently, the article involves a qualitative component, as it included a survey of students. The rich culture in diversity was portrayed in the study in both the elderly and the students. The instrument used for analysis was path analysis containing the contributions of various variables on the students’ willingness to work with the elderly Alzheimer’s patients. The article continues to reveal there are connections between the willingness of students and the different variables. Stepwise Regression analysis was used in the …

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