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Nursing Journal Critique
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Nursing Journal Critique
Authors’ Names
The authors of this research article are Ms. Anne Grogan and Ms. Fiona Timmins
Title of article
The title of the journal under critique is “Patients’ perceptions of information and support received from the nurse specialist during HCV treatment”
Issues Discussed
In this article, Hepatitis C Virus, or simply referred to as HCV in this article is discussed. The article identifies HCV as a world-wide problem and notes that the disease is treatable. The article informs that the HCV is a treatable disease with high treatment success rates. The article also specifies that even though the disease may be treatable and the statistics show high success rates in terms of treatment, the disease is associated with many side-effects that result from the treatment procedures and drugs. The many side-effects require that nurses offer the patients with information and the psychological support they need to deal adequately with these side-effects (Grogan & Timmins, 2010). Specialist nursing care is a necessity and little nursing research hitherto has been done in the area of the informational and psychological support necessary for the HCV patients while under treatment for the HCV. The journal article discusses the perceptions that patients have regarding the information they receive from the specialized nurses and the psychological support received from the nurse…

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