The Theme of Reforms

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The Theme of Reforms

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The Theme of Reforms
The reforms movement in the United States was largely signaled by the religious revolution and human rights awareness movements. This is because the onset of the religious awakening was very instrumental in establishing a sense of unity and nationalism and its trickle effects were felt even in the anti-slavery and women rights movements. The religious awakening that officially began in 1801 can be termed as the period that saw Americans change their perceptions as to who they were as individuals (Abbott et al. n.p). This was in terms of becoming more aware of the impacts of their actions and as such understanding how they were equal in terms of religion.
This sense of equity under religion seems to have sparked the interest in the antislavery movement which also had support from Europe. Slavery had already been banned in Europe and the relationships between missionaries in America, and Europe was a major contributing force in this movement. The effects of the religious awakening were evidently being used by the abolitionists as evidenced in their 1835 actions (Abbott et al. n.p). They began reaching out to slaveholders by inferring to them the effect their actions would have on their souls which is clearly a religious belief.
The issue of women’s rights also marked a significant part in the American reforms. It began as part of women being involved in the antislavery campaign. This is especially in th…

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