the role of occupational therapy with bipolar

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the role of occupational therapy with bipolar

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Bipolar Disorders and Occupational Therapy
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Bipolar Disorders and Occupational Therapy
Bipolar disorder (also referred as Manic-depressive illness) is a chronic mental illness that is accompanied by relapsing episodes of mania and depression. An individual in the manic phase experience either a sustained elated or a sustained irritable mood along with symptoms such as hyperactivity, insomnia, inflated self-esteem, distractibility, and impaired judgment. On the contrary, an individual in that depressed phase exhibit low and depressed mood along with the classical neurovegetative symptoms of depression (Tse & Walsh, 2001). The lifetime prevalence of bipolar and bipolar spectrum disorders is estimated to be 0.4 to 1.6%. This article presents a case study on bipolar disorder and the role played by occupational therapists in managing patients with BPD.
Case Study
The individual presented with mood swings from being angry to oversensitive at times. She often tended to lose control and felt like breaking things. She exhibited palpitations and apprehensions without any noticeable stimuli. She also had constrained relationship with her husband and suffered from during the winter. Further, she complained of getting wakened by even slight noises and dreamt vividly. Moreover, her speech tends to be fast and rapid. The thoughts and dreams along with palpitations reveal she suffered from mania. On the contrary, h…

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