The rationale for the choice of the model/ FOR

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The rationale for the choice of the model/ FOR

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The rationale for the choice of the model/ FOR
Breast Cancer-related lymphedema (BCRL), is a medical condition that causes blockage of the lymphatic system (McClure, McClure, Day, & Brufsky 59). As such, the appropriate frame of reference is the biomechanical frame of reference since there is a limited range of motion and strength.
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Performance skills are purpose-oriented actions, witnessed as the small units of engagements in the day-to-day occupations (Occupational therapy Practice 8). Performance skills are learned, internalized, and expressed by the clients. On the other hand, performance patterns involve roles and habits that hinder or support the performance occupation. In this case, both the performance skills and performance pattern blends perfectly, which contribute to the success of the processes. Additionally, environment and context of the clients affect and influences the performance of the therapists. For instance, BCLR occur in a context where breast cancer precedes. As such, it is imperative for the therapists to examine the environment. Lastly, the activity demands and clients factors influence the performance in occupation. Particularly, in this case, most clients who do not share their problems find it difficult to recover quickly, and in the worst case scenario, most deaths are reported from this segment.
Describe how the evidence based-practice is used to evaluate OT service delivery and professional issues
The evidence-b…

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